Bike Pedals

Bike pedals - clipless or flat - that is the question. The clipless bike pedals system allows attachments on your shoes, called cleats, to slot into recesses or clips on certain pedals. Flat bike pedals have large platforms with pins on them for a better grip on the shoe.

Introducing types of bike pedals

Bike pedals with the bike saddle and the handlebar are the three points of contact between the cyclist and the bike, and that is a fact that gives these parts of a bike a special significance. Therefore, choosing your bike pedals is an essential matter for cyclists of all levels. For competitive cyclists the needs will be more demanding and will look for a stable set of pedals, while a recreational cyclist may opt for a more lightweight variant. This brings us to the two most popular types of bike pedals:

  • Clipless pedals are mostly used on road bikes, even though Shimano has designed clipless MTB pedals as well. The name is owed to the disappearance of the old type of pedals with toe clips. Clipless pedals of today also have clips in such a way that the cycling shoe gets connected to the pedal using the cleat. The system clips in the foot to the pedal cleat this way. This system keeps the foot on the pedal, no matter what kind of terrain you ride on. A good connection with the bike gives much more confidence to the cyclist. Pedaling is more powerful and smoother at the same time.
  • Flat pedals have no cleats to clip your shoe in. Their surface is rather flat, hence the name. There are pins on the platform of the pedal which help give resistance to the shoe and the foot. Therefore, there is no need for a special shoe, which makes this system more affordable. It is suitable for all kinds of bicycles, from road, BMX, and city, but they are mostly used on mountain bikes. They are quite popular for their ease of use, variety of styles and materials, and because they accommodate achievable sufficient contact between the pedal and the shoe.

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