Cleat Set

Cleat set is the perfect way to upgrade your pedals and get more out of your rides. Your new cleat set can light up your bike and light up the road. We are proud to offer you the best deals on high-quality cleat sets, which are designed to fit bicycles of all shapes and sizes.

Introducing cleat sets

You've got a bicycle, and you want to go for a ride. But what about your feet? We're here to tell you that they deserve all the comfort we can give them. Cleat set or bike pedals, are one of three contact points between the cyclists and the bike, together with the handlebars and the bike saddle. Each of these points is especially important. The pedals are the parts of a bicycle that the rider pushes on to make the bike go. That is the traditional way. Another way is to ride clipped-in. That means having a cleat set installed on your cycling shoes that clip onto the pedal directly.  With the right cleat set, you can achieve more power, control, and comfort in your each pedal stroke. One should take good care and give attention to the installation of the cleat set onto the cycling shoes. A properly fitted cleat set can make it or break it for a cyclist. It will make a difference between giving you more control, power, and confidence when riding or giving you pains, aches, and misery. They will deliver improved performance, enhanced comfort and style, and make riding a joy, if mounted in the right position. So, how should you replace your cleat set when the time comes? If you are fitting new cleats on old pair of cycling shoes, the best and easiest way would be to take a pencil and outline the old cleats. That way all you would need to do is remove the old ones and place the new ones in the outlined place. If you have new pair of cycling shoes as well, we recommend you go to your bike service to have them fitted by a specialist. That way you will save yourself potential injuries, or miserable rides to the very least.

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