Aerobars or triathlon bars are mainly used for time-trial cycling. Aerobars help the cyclist assume a narrow forward position to further decrease air drag. They offer superb aerodynamics; they can be used to rest your hands. Being clip-on, they are extra versatile since they can be used ad hoc. Check out our offers and find your new aerobars here.

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Aerobars in detail

Aerobars or triathlon bars  are a type of handlebars used mainly in competitive tri or time trial events. These are a type of sports event where a rider competes against the clock. Aerobars are two extended bars put close together, designed like that to accommodate the cyclist to assume a narrow tuck position to reduce the air drag to the minimum. They are equipped with arm pads for better comfort.


  • Unbeatable aerodynamics. With the tuck position, air drag is minimal and the results are phenomenal.
  • Clip-on bars. They can be added on demand unto drop bars or bullhorn bars when there is a need for them. They are mostly used this way, so that the rest of the time you have your bike without them.
  • Resting aid. They can even be used as a resting aid despite the uncomfortable impression that a “praying mantis” position gives, which is a name for the position when cyclist just rests their arms and wrists on the aero bars.


  • Not for inclines. The position takes away the power from pedaling, so one shouldn’t head for the hills.
  • Dangerous on the roads. They are best used under controlled conditions. Due to the position of the body, the cyclist may be oblivious to the surroundings and obstacles in traffic and on the road. Also, the brake and gear levers are not easily reachable, so the reaction time is prolonged.

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