Women's Cycling Tops

Women’s cycling tops are specially designed to accommodate the specific needs of a cyclist. Women's cycling tops have pockets in the back, the longer side of the top; the front is parted with a long zipper that allows for ventilation. They are tight-fitted for reducing wind resistance. Moisture-wicking fabrics keep the cyclist dry and comfortable.

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Cycling top – key garment

Women’s cycling tops are specialized garments for cycling. Cycling tops come in many forms and colors, it all depends on current fashion trends. They can be worn independently of the type of cycling. A lot of people cycle in their t-shirts and that is perfectly fine, but once they try cycling in a cycling top, rarely will change back. And that is thanks to its special features:

  • Material – they are made of technical materials that are designed to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping the cyclist dry, cool, and ultimately more comfortable. They can also be made from organic fibers like merino wool and cellulose, as well as recycled materials, all with the same wicking quality.
  • Design – it is cut longer in the back so that it covers your lower back when you’re stretched out on your bike. The zipper runs long in the front allowing for ventilation. The fit should be snug to avoid air resistance. There are usually three pockets in the back. They are strategically positioned there for a couple of reasons. They keep things inside once you lean forward. Some may have zippers, which are especially useful for your keys, money and other loose valuables. Pockets can replace a backpack, in the middle one it is easy to stash a cycling jacket or a bike pump; in the right one, if you are right-handed, some snacks and your phone and the left is then for some tools and a bike tube. You shouldn’t overload, think saddle bag instead.

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