Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are battery-powered bicycles, but still very much bicycles.  Electric bikes operate by pushing the pedals to engage a small motor which gives the boost for cruising over steep hills and going further without exerting oneself. Nothing can stop the rising popularity of electric bikes. Take a look at our selection of deals on electric bikes for sale.    

Electric bikes for everyone

Electric bikes have come a long way since the day appeared all chunky when most of us looked down on them. Nowadays they have become a constant challenge for further perfecting on, since they have proved themselves fantastic as virtually any type of bike, from city bikes and electric mountain bikes to road bikes.


There are two main types of e-bikes available:

  • Pedelecs are a type of electric bike where you are required to pedal in order to start the electric motor. You cannot just sit, relax and switch it on. The average top speed it can develop is 15.5 mph with a motor output of 250 watts. In order to go faster, you’ll have to rely on your legs. Since pedaling is required, pedelecs are still officially classified as bicycles, and therefore, no driving license, insurance, or wearing of a helmet is mandatory.
  • S- pedelecs or speed pedelecs are powerful e-bikes equipped with a strong motor with an output of 500 watts and a maximum speed of 28 mph. These bikes are less common, they are a different game, classified as mopeds.

Still, when we say electric bike or e-bike, a pedelec is what everyone has on their minds.

Why a pedelec?

Many are advantages of a pedelec over a conventional bicycle. You will get around even faster and easier, arriving at work fresh, instead of steamy. It will take you further, and carry more for you, all along keeping its low environmental impact. It won’t deprive you of your workout either.

Electric bike battery

When choosing your new electric bike consider the one with good quality Li-ion battery that will last longer than the lead one.

Another point is to preferably opt for an e-bike where you can take the battery off for charging, otherwise, you will have to provide a power outlet close to the storage place of the bike. It takes anywhere between two and five hours to fully charge the battery. The battery and the charger will lose their potency and will need replacement.

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