Road Bikes

Road bikes are bicycles designed for traveling on paved surfaces, fueled by the power of your legs. Road bikes are perfect machines for endurance training and covering great distances. If racing against others or against the time, or simply setting up your own records is your goal, then a road bike is for you.  There are many types of road bikes, depending on the purpose, and we have the best deals on them here.

Introducing different types of road bikes

What sets apart a road bike is its purpose and its anatomy. It is created to be ridden on paved surfaces. They are often called race bikes too, and that is where the most prominent feature of anatomy stems from which is the racing or drop handlebar. Its purpose is to facilitate cyclists’ bent position so that they create less wind resistance with their bodies. For the purpose of achieving higher speeds and less road assistance, tires are smooth and the whole construction is as light as possible.

Nevertheless, there are still different types of road bikes.

By purpose we set apart:

  • Race bikes, with a stiffer frame and super responsive handling.
  • Climbing bike, when riding it uphill it feels almost like it's jumping forward with every turn of the cranks as the road pushes upward.
  • Aero road bikes frequently have more carbon in order to create wind-reducing frame shapes so that they can easier achieve higher speeds.
  • Time Trial is single-purpose bike designed for going as fast as possible at the expense of comfort.
  • Triathlon bikes may have frame shapes and dimensions that are not allowed by the UCI, but they enable the ride to zoom through the wind with less resistance than other types of road bikes. Tri bikes also have integrated nutrition and hydration storage.
  • The geometry and construction of endurance road bikes put the rider in a slightly more upright position than a road racing bike with a longer head tube, less-upright seat tube angle, and frame materials that prioritize compliance and comfort, a setup that allows for enhanced rider comfort over the long haul.
  • Cyclocross bikes can handle just about anything, they’re often a good fit for other types of riding, including commuting, bike packing and touring (with added mounts for racks), gravel, or adventure riding.
  • Gravel bikes are also called adventure bikes since they are at home on unpaved surfaces and paved roads alike. Their geometry is not as aggressive as that of a cyclocross racer, and the ride quality may be suited for long days in the saddle, like an endurance bike.
  • Bikepacking frames or touring bikes offer mounting points for fenders and racks to stow gear. Weight is not as crucial as durability and stability when you load up this bike for a multi-day adventure on and off paved roads.
  • Commuter bikes are built with comfort and durability in mind as they will take a bashing day after day. They usually have fenders or mudguards and racks already mounted. These bikes frequently come with a flat handlebar to keep the rider in a position to see and be seen in traffic.
  • On an e-Bike, you can speed from 15mph to 25mph with minimal effort. It will help your pedaling up to a preset speed while the motor is switched on. The battery life of an e-Bike depends on different factors: its size, rider’s weight, type of terrain, road quality, and ambient temperature.
  • A track bike that features a single, fixed gear (thus the nickname, fixie), usually with no freehub (meaning, you can’t coast or pedal backward). These bikes are made for riding or racing on a velodrome.

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