Bike Seatpost

Bike seatpost is much more than just a tube holding your bike saddle. The right choice of bike seatpost can significantly upgrade the performance of your bike and the overall experience of your ride. Take a look at our selection of bike seatposts for all types of bicycles, from road bikes, mountain bikes to city bikes and more.

Introducing the different types of bike seatposts

Bike seatposts come in different styles.

Let’s take a look at the most common types of seatposts of today:

  • Rigid seatpost or micro-adjustable satpost is the most common one. It is the seatpost you will find on road bikes. It owes its name to the micro-adjust clamp at the top of the post which allows for some simple micro-adjustments of the saddle. It is also lightweight, which is a great advantage for road biking.
  • Suspension seatpost has a built-in shock absorber to smooth out bumpy road and tough terrains. That is why they are more than welcome on mountain and commuter bikes. This kind of bicycles don’t mind the extra weight that these seatposts come with.
  • Dropper seatpost or adjustable seatpost is a style used for mountain biking. Dropper seatposts have internal cable routing installed which allows a cyclist to actually drop their seat at will. They can do this while riding and as they judge necessary without getting off the bike.
  • Aero seatpost are specifically designed for the matching frame model. They are lightweight and aerodynamic and that is why they are used on high-end time-trial or triathlon bikes.
  • Integrated seatpost is another seatpost used only on time trial or triathlon bikes. They don't even have a separate seatpost, but the seat tube is one section supporting the saddle, and that’s where their name comes from.

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