Bicycle components

Bicycle components are vital for a bike's structure. They play a crucial role, whether for an upgrade or a DIY project. Our selection caters to both professionals and enthusiasts. We offer a variety of components, from basics to specialized parts. Pros and enthusiasts will find plenty of options. Whether tweaking a ride or building from scratch, we've got you covered. We're committed to top-notch components for the biking community. Check our catalog for quality and variety. Find components that match your vision. Elevate your biking with our premium selection, designed for seasoned riders and beginners in customization. Your journey to the perfect bike starts with the right components. We're here to guide you every pedal of the way. Explore, discover, and make every ride uniquely yours with our bicycle components.

Anatomy of bicycles

At a first glance, any bicycle looks like a simple piece of machinery, two wheels, a handlebar, seat post, seat, frame, pedals, and off you go. Looking again and things start to seem very complicated, and not without a reason. Parts are many and defined by the function that they do. They are different for different types of bicycles, road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, trekking or touring bike, electric bikes, electric mountain bikes, triathlon or time trial machines and so on. They are sold separately or as a groupset. The most sought-after group or groupset brand for both road and MTB bikes is Shimano.

Let’s take a look at the list of the bike components:

  • Bike chains - converts and transmits the power by pedaling wrapped around the chainset and the gears at the rear
  • Bike tires – simply put it is a rubber “cushioning” of the wheel, but performance crucially depends on it
  • Bike shifters - used to control the gearing mechanisms and select the desired gear ratio
  • Bike pedals - clipless or flat bike pedals
  • Bike saddles – you sit on them. They are different for different types of bikes.
  • Bike breaks – most commonly disc brakes and rim brakes
  • Bike handlebars – they are the steering of a bike and there are different types
  • Bike tubes - bike tubes or inner tires are inflated with a pump
  • Bike crankset - helps move the chain as you pedal
  • Bike derailleur - moves the chain from one sprocket to another
  • Bike stem - connects the handlebar with the fork steerer tube
  • Bike bottom bracket - connects the cranks to the bike
  • Bike suspension – smooths out the ride
  • Handlebar tapes – serves as the interface for a critical contact point on the bike
  • Bike forks – hold the front wheel, on MTB carry suspension too
  • Bike wheels – wheels specially designed for each type of bicycle
  • Bike groupset - a variable number of components that technically and visually match one another

Take a look at our offer

At Velo Deals you will find a great selection of bike components whether you wish to get a new part and replace the old one or want to upgrade your bike to make it more reliable and ready for new adventures or if it is simply a matter of prestige. We have bike components for all types of bikes.

If you have any questions in regards to purchasing your brand-new bike component - feel free to contact us and we will be more than ready to assist you!