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Bike Tools & Maintenance

Bike Tools & Maintenance will be needed. Sooner or later your bike will break down. Be ready for light or more serious repairs by having tools of the trade necessary. Multi-tools, wrenches, repair stands, wheel and tire tools are just some of the tools you need to learn how to maintain and repair your own bicycle.

Tools and Maintenance, in what order

Servicing of your bicycle should be done regularly, at least once a year and be left up to the professionals. Nevertheless, loads of maintenance you can DIY as well as various repairs and keep the cost of servicing to the minimum. Bicycle is a special machine and you will need specialized tools and maintenance equipment. Three main things you can DIY for your bike are cleaning, repairing and lubricating. To start with, a really good idea is to invest into a work stand. It will make your bike accessible from all sides, easing work on all the stages.


For the proper maintenance you will have to make sure that you are taking good care and hygiene of your bike. We recommend to regularly clean the surface with water, a soft sponge, some washing-up liquid best a 100% biodegradable bicycle cleaner and an electric high-pressure bike cleaner after a muddy adventure. Moving parts, like chain, may require a special cleaning device.


You already may have some tools in your tool box that can be used as bike tools, but you will definitely need some specialized ones. You can approach the dilemma in a couple of ways.  One way about it is buying its tools you may need separately, and the list may include a tire lever, patching kit, various wrenches, chain whip and a cassette tool, chain rivet extractor, and the list goes on… A good option is to buy a full box of Bicycle Tool Kits, since they can be found at affordable prices and include everything a cycling mechanic or a cyclist may need for DIY projects. There are also Bicycle Multi Tools which are perfect little gadgets to take on the road. See them as a first aid in mechanic world, they are irreplaceable item in your cycling bag.  It can be a real saver on the go and at any situation for that matter.


Lubrication is crucial for good functioning of all moving parts of the bike. That means selection of the right oil or wax for chain and cassette, different greases for headset, hubs, crank and bottom bracket. Suspension fork and rear shock have their own requirements in special lubricants too. For all the good reasons one should keep in mind to use as much as necessary and as little as possible lubricants.

Finishing touches

Bicycle care session can be finished off with some special paint protection sealants or protective wax for all painted parts. This kind of treatment should keep your bike as new for as long as possible and its performance at its best.

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