Bike Pumps & CO2

Bike Pump & CO2 cartridges is a must part of the kit of any cyclist. While you’ll keep a bike pump in your garage or a car trunk, a CO2 cartridge or two is a necessity on the trail or on the road. Don’t allow a flat tire ruin your ride. We have the best deals here on bike pumps and CO2 cartridges.

Introducing different types of bike pumps

Without going into too much detail, the two main categories of bike pumps are easily distinguishable. There are hand pumps and floor pumps.

  • As you would expect, hand pumps are compact, which makes them an easy companion on your rides. They can be fitted on your bike’s frame or simply stashed in a pocket or a bag. Since they can’t produce very high pressure and they require some space for carrying, they are better suited for mountain bikes – their tires are running on lower pressure and spaces are ampler.
  • Floor pumps or stand pumps are best suited for road bikes since they require higher pressure. With a floor pump, you can swiftly inflate a tire to 7 bars. The downside is their size, especially for road bikes where space is scarce. Because of their bulkiness floor pumps are difficult to be taken with you on rides.
  • That is where the CO2 cartridges come in more than handy. They are a great alternative to bike pumps and can save your day since they can inflate a tire to high pressures extremely quickly. So, sound advice is never to go on a ride without one or two.

Another good piece of advice is to carry a puncture repair kit with you so that you can be on your way having a piece of mind.

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