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Bike Lights

Bike lights are one of the most important components of overall safety on the bicycle. Bike lights can be powered by batteries or can have an internal rechargeable battery. Have a look at our offer and let there be light!

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Introducing different types of bike lights

Lighting is truly one of the most important pieces of bicycle accessories and equipment to own. It plays a double safety role. Firstly, the obvious illumination of the road in front, so that we can timely see and swerve around the potholes and other obstacles in the road. Other is to keep us visible to the others, whether we are riding in the dark areas or in the city streets, where there are many illuminated surfaces, even by adding specially designed flashing lights to the regular front and rear light to further help them stand out from the background. One should consider the law requirements when bike lights are concerned, and they may vary from state to state.  Legal regulations on bike lights are part of road traffic law and as a general rule every bicycle is obliged to be equipped with front white light and reflectors; the rear red tail lamp with the light and/or reflectors; pedals with yellow reflectors facing both forward and backwards and reflective strips on tires and spoke reflectors on both wheels. Most of the bikes come already equipped with basic lighting.

May the power be with you?

The front and rear light are active lights since they are powered. For a long time, the source of that power was solely from a dynamo. After its modernization it seems that it will stay the first choice for a long time to come, because of numerous advantages over the alternative which are batteries. Modern dynamos are situated in the front wheel hub and they cause no friction like the old ones pressing against the front or back wheel. They produce power easily, and enough, not only for the lights, but also to charge your phone which is extra useful if you use it for navigation or such. Being hidden in the hub, it is protected from the mud and dirt, lights can not be stolen easily, and there is no worry that you may run out of juice. Battery operated lights are not without advantages too. They are easily attached or taken off - important feature when you need to get rid of the cluster. The extra weight of the dynamo becomes significant in certain situations. Then there are USB bike lights, which are easy to recharge on the go using a power bank or your smartphone’s charging device, need be. In a nutshell, a hub dynamo is probably a better choice for use in the city or the daily commute, while battery-powered lights will provide good option for bike sports.

Take a look at our offer

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