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Bike Tubes

Bike tubes or inner tires sit inside your tire and are inflated with a pump. They sometimes puncture, but are easily replaced. Even if you ride on tubeless it is wise to carry a spare bike tube since the puncture may be too big to handle, the road is unpredictable. Stock up here.

Bike tubes - points of importance

Bike tubes should always be a part of your “just in case” inventory if you ride on a clincher or tubular wheels and tires. In order to get the right bike tube there are a few characteristics to keep in mind like:
  • Size – will directly depend on the size of the tire it fits inside. The diameter of the bike tube or inner tube should match the diameter of the wheel and tire on your bicycle. For road bikes the size is usually 700C, for gravel bikes 650B. For mountain bikes the usual sizes are 27.5 and 29 inches. The width is determined by the width of the wheel from rim to rim.
  • Type of the valve – there are two most common types of valves Schrader and Presta. Schrader is wider and usually used on relatively low pressure tires witch are typical of mountain bike tubes. Presta are narrower and used mostly on high pressure tubes like road bike tubes. None is better than the other, they are simply different and non-interchangeable. Presta valves are available in different lengths so that the longer one will fit fine on the deep rim wheels. Schrader is available in one length only, since the mountain bike wheels are very few with the deep rim variant.
  • Material – They are made from butyl rubber and latex. Butyl rubber bike tubes are standard, they are reliable, cheap and there are even some lightweight options. Latex bike tubes are more expensive because they are thinner, lightweight and flexible, create less rolling resistance and therefore they are used for racing. The downside is that they are prone to punctures.

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