Cycling Caps

Cycling caps are an essential piece of cycling kit. Cycling caps serve both form and function. They keep the sweat or rain out of your eyes, shield you from the low sun in the spring and fall, keep your head warm, and are part of your quirky look. You can wear them under your helmet or on their own.

Cycling cap: Rain or shine

Cycling caps are a staple part of cycling clothing and cycling history. It’s a garment that withstood the test of time and is as functional and fashionable as ever. It looked as if it was losing its grounds with the usage of bike helmets in the major races, but it persevered. Nowadays, their role is indisputable and functionality proven worn under the helmet and on its own.

  • Material – cycling caps are made from 100% polyester to 100% cotton and the poly-cotton mixes in-between. Polyester ones can be made as mesh in structure for more breathability or they can even be waterproof. In any case, they will all fit under your helmet beautifully and you can find one suitable for any weather conditions.
  • Design – cycling cap is recognizable by its short peak or brim. They are designed in such a way for several reasons. First, it is long enough to protect from the sun and the reflections. It is the right length not to obscure the vision, but it protects the eyes. When riding away from the sun it can be worn backward to protect the back of your neck from burning. Secondly, it will keep the raindrops from getting into your eyes when it rains. Lastly, their small size is practical for turning upwards when there is no need for protection. Their underside is used for printing brand logos, some witty messages, or sponsor logos. Its structure allows for practical folding to pocket size.

Cycling caps come in a plethora of designs and colors, so it is easy to find one to express your individuality through it. They are fun and practical to wear off the bike as well.

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