Derailleur, as if its French name describes what it does, is a mechanism that moves the bike chain from one sprocket to another while keeping the chain taut at all times. The derailleur is an essential part of a bicycle with more speeds than one. The biggest manufacturers are SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo.  Find them on Velo Deals!

Derailleur explained

The derailleur is a mechanism on your bike that changes gears by moving your bike's chain through the sprockets. Even from its description it is clear how important is the role of the derailleur on any geared bicycle. There is a front and rear derailleur, they have different roles and shouldn’t be mixed up.

  • Front derailleur is the simpler of the two, it consists of two plates that push the chain sideways.
  • Rear derailleur is the more important and more complex of the two. It is the mechanism that moves the chain on the rear sprockets of your bicycle.

Maintenance of both is extremely important for the proper functioning of the bike. They are prone to collect dirt and they get sticky losing their effectiveness. Therefore, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. If despite that their function they are not effective anymore, replacement is due. With the replacement, you can match the same one you had, or you can go for an upgrade.

Mountain bike derailleur vs. road bike derailleur

It is worth noting that there is a difference between a mountain bike derailleur and a road bike derailleur. It is owed to the fact that gears on mountain bikes are located lower than on a road bike, and they are spaced wider. Therefore, the rear derailleur for mountain bikes has the ability to shift larger rear cogs than road bike ones.

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