Cycling Computers

Cycling computers allow you to monitor your training progress and overall performance. Best of all, cycling computers come equipped with GPS maps so you can never get lost on a new trail. Bike computers allow you to share and compare rides with your friends and training partners online. Have a look at our offer and find your new cycling computer!

Functions of a cycling computer

A cycling computer or bike computer is a device that calculates a variety of important information and displays them on the screen in real-time for the cyclist to monitor their performance. It is attached to the handlebar of the bicycle so that is easily read. We could say it is very similar to the dashboard of a car.

There are several basic operations and information that a bike computer can provide to the user:

  • current, maximum & average speed
  • trip distance or the total distance of each ride
  • time of how long we’ve ridden the bike, or current riding time
  • advanced models show altitude, air temperature, and number of heartbeats per minute, and even navigate us using GPS.

All these features have made bike computers become important and very useful gadgets in cycling, obviously for professional athletes as well as for recreational cyclists.

How it works

So, lets us explain a bit more about all the good characteristics of this device. Once attached to the wheel and fully functional, we can easily measure the distance of our drive. The cadence sensor gives us a number of revolutions per minute. It can also display the gear in which we ride at the moment. Also, when GPS is turned on the display will show us the route we're on, it will track coordinates, curves on the track, etc.


Overall, when using the cycling computer often we can get a lot of quality information that can show our level of fitness, and measure our current strength and form. We can use this information to our advantage to create our future training sessions, the information will guide us on what needs improvement… Ultimately it is a helping hand in achieving our training goals. Nowadays, modern GPS watches and sports watches can also do a quite a few of the same functions, but they lack the ease of readability.

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