Bike Stem

Bike stem has a simple yet important role of connecting the handlebar with the fork steerer tube and the rest of the bike. The bike stem’s length directly affects the handling of a bike - the shorter the stem, the faster the response of the bike, but also less predictable. Have a look at our offer and find the model of a bike stem that best suits your bike!

Bike stem guide

The bike stem is a little part of your bike, but it plays a significant role in connecting the handlebars with the fork steerer tube, and over it with the rest of the bike. It also influences the handling of the bike depending on its main characteristics.  These characteristics will depend mostly on the geometry of the stem and on the material it is made of.

  • Geometry of the stem is defined by three measurements and these are the three numbers you will see engraved on the bottom of it: stem length, stem rise, and stem diameter. Stem length contributes to the handling of a bike greatly, and generally speaking, the shorter the stem the handling is faster and the longer the stem the more handling is controlled and slower. Mountain bike stems vary in length between 50-80mm, while road bike stems are longer and go from 80-120mm or even longer. Gravel bike stems fall between the two. Stem rise is the angle at which the stem leans to the fork’s steerer tube and it ranges from 6-20 degrees, this angle being adjustable on most bikes. There are actually two stem diameters, one of the handlebars and one of the steerer tube. Don’t get confused, but the handlebar diameter is quoted in inches and the steerer tube is in millimeters.
  • Materials of choice for bike stems are aluminum and carbon. The vast majority of stems are made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum bike stems are lightweight, durable and affordable - a combination of traits that guarantees them long popularity. Carbon bike stems are even lighter and therefore are the first choice for road and race bikes even though they come at a steeper price. For mountain bikes weight savings are minor since the stems are much shorter. Carbon provides more stiffness, where needed.

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