Chain Links

Chain links are parts of bike chains. Chain links are interlinked in a series of alternating wide and narrow plates held together with a rivet. As a general rule, it’s hard to go wrong with a quick link or tool selection. Find your missing links in our deals.

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The role of bike chain

Bike chain is one of the most important parts of the mechanism that moves the bicycle. It consists of a series of alternating wide and narrow chain links. Each of the chain links consists of two-sided plates connected with rivets or pins. The bike chain should be tightly tensed to add more efficiency. Maintenance of bike chains is very important and that means they should be inspected often carefully, cleaned and lubricated.

  • Liquid lubricants are easy to use; it simply goes through the chain links. The bad news is that liquid will attract and stick a lot of dust and dirt.
  • On the other hand, wax or Teflon lubricants use an evaporating solvent and so the chain stays clean much longer.

No matter which lubricant you choose you should keep in mind to clean the bike chain beforehand thoroughly, and also dry it out after the lubricant penetrates through the links.

Replacement of the bike chain

Nevertheless, the bike chain is used to transfer force from the central drive to the back sprocket, during which it suffers a great deal of stress. It is a part that wears out relatively quickly and needs regular replacements. How quickly, though, will depend on the way you ride your bike and on the type of the bike - more often on an MTB bike than on a road bike. The general rule of thumb is that they need to be replaced every 2,000 miles to avoid serious damage to the cassette and chainrings. Another way to determine the time for replacement is by observing and measuring the bike chain. If the chain length increases by one or more percentages, it is the right time to do so. Also, always be aware that if you're going to buy a new one, the new chain must have the same width and equivalent number of links as the old one, not the same length. You may need to use some bike tools to disconnect the chain.

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