Bike Suspension

Bike suspension is the system used to insulate the roughness of the terrain. Bike suspension makes the ride more pleasurable. Furthermore, bike suspension will add to the safety of the rider by improving traction and contact of the wheels with the ground. Take a look at our deals and find the model that best suits your bike!

Bike suspension guide

Bike suspension brings comfort and safety to the riding experience. Insulating the roughness of the terrain makes the ride more enjoyable. It adds to the safety of the rider by improving traction and contact of the wheels with the ground. Furthermore, it contributes to better control of the bicycle itself. Bike suspension adds to the control over the bike when curving, and when breaking. It’s safe to say that good bike suspension allows faster riding on rough and tough roads, downhill and flat alike.

A basic differentiation can be made between the short travel type, which is less than 120 mm, and the long travel type of suspension, which is greater than 120 mm.  Short and long types provide good all-around riding performances and the long travel type will prove itself worthy on downhill rough trails and it will provide sufficient control at higher speeds.

Bike suspension can be integrated into a bike in a variety of ways:

  • Front suspension bikes are called hardtail, and bicycles with both front and rear suspensions are referred to as full suspension bikes. Front-type suspension is most commonly installed as part of a telescopic fork and this is by far the case on mountain, cross-country, downhill, freeride, or enduro bicycles.   Nowadays, this type of suspension is very sophisticated, and of prime quality.
  • Rear suspension is not so popular yet, but combined with the front one gets your bicycle to bend more making your ride truly soft.
  • Suspension seatpost is a very convenient type, located on the tube that your seat is attached to. Having one ensures that potholes won't hurt you.
  • Saddle suspensions are those little springs that you see on the underside of your bike saddle. That's another good shield against the potholes.
  • Suspension hub, nowadays all hubs on mountain bikes are suspension hubs.
  • Suspension stem

Finally, it is worth mentioning that suspension is a heavy component. That is one of the main reasons why road bikes don’t have suspension, plus they move on paved roads therefore they are not necessary for them. So, having one on your bike will make you pedal more and use more energy, especially uphill. Also, maintenance of these components is something to keep in mind.

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