Bike Lock

Bike lock keeps your bike safe and secure. Bike lock is an essential accessory when commuting on a bike. Here you can find the best discounts on all types of bike locks – U-locks, cable or chain locks, and foldable style locks. Browse through our deal’s selection to find your favorite bike lock.

Introducing different types of bike locks

Starting with a little bit of history

Pioneer manufacturers of modern bike locks were German companies Damien&La and Galvanos which started to produce bike locks made of hard-pressed steel for locking the back wheel in the 1920s. Swedish Optimus (which by the way is Latin for best) introduced padlocks to their program in the 1930s. Besides these companies, the earliest serial manufacturers of bikes, and bike locks, too were found also in France, the UK, and the USA.

Types of bike locks

  • U-locks are made of strong rigid metal shaped like the letter U.
  • D-lock is essentially a U-lock with the cross-bar section locking, resembling the letter D, hence the name. It is probably the most secure lock and hardest to cut.
  • The chain lock is the sort that is combined of lock and chain. It can go through both wheels and frame plus be attached to a stationary object. A good, heavy-duty chain should be secured with a specialized lock, such as a monobloc padlock, or mini U-lock.
  • The cable lock is very similar to a chain lock. They come with an attached mechanism and they are easiest to transport, but they can be easily cut with cheap bolt cutters, which is their main drawback. So, many cyclists use them in combination with U or D locks making them more secure that way.
  • Wheel lock, also called O-lock, king & frame lock immobilizes the back or rear wheel when locked. With this type of lock, the bicycle is not really secured since it is not attached to a stationary object. We can use it as a quick solution. Used with cable or chain lock, it secures both the front and the rear wheel which ensures much better protection.
  • A smart lock is a type of lock that gets locked or unlocked using a smartphone via Bluetooth system and can send an alarm when breached.
  • Disc rotor locks are a system that became very popular among cyclists, especially after the recognition and approval from UCI for professional use and racing in 2018.
The system is designed to work by inserting metal pins through the disc rotor hole so the front wheel can’t rotate. They are small, metal made, and locked with a key.


Aside from choosing the right lock, you should be careful of the way you lock your bike and of the place you leave it at. You should make sure
  • to lock it further away from the ground,
  • to lock at least the back wheel and the frame to a stationary object, preferably both wheels and the frame.
  • Chose a well-lit, busy area to leave your bike,
  • maybe even next to some better-looking ones.
  • Lock them even when inside garages, not to mention gardens.
  • All of these precautionary measures may not be enough, but will certainly raise your chances against thieves. Better be safe than sorry, the statistics are grim.

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