Bike Bottom Bracket

Bike bottom bracket connects the cranks to the bike facilitating their free rotation as you pedal and put power into the drivetrain. Bike bottom bracket plays a very important role as when your bottom bracket is working well, you can pedal smoothly with minimal resistance. Have a look at our offer and find the model that best suits your bike!

Bike bottom bracket guide

Bike bottom bracket is not the most memorable part of your bicycle, but it certainly is very important. Connecting the cranks to the bike, it facilitates their free rotation as you pedal, and puts power into the drivetrain. It has a spindle attached to the crankset and bearings used for free rotation. So when things are "pedaling" smoothly you’ll barely think of it twice, but when it starts “missing the beat” you’ll remember it fine.

A typical bicycle nowadays has a three-piece crankset. They are durable and can last 5000-10000 + miles if you're lucky enough.

There are three basic bottom bracket system in use:

  • Threaded bottom bracket – are meant to be used with frames that have a threaded bottom bracket shell, since they have to be screwed into the frame. There are two most common threaded types Italian and English. Since they are not equal they cannot be swapped. So, that is a downside. The advantage though is that they are easy to install and maintain.
  • Press fit bottom bracket – or a threadless bottom bracket, basically gets pressed into the frame’s bottom bracket shell instead of threaded in. Their design allows for thicker crank spindles which is favored by some cyclists as more efficient. You may need special tools for its installation and the removal.
  • Square taper bottom bracket - combines the bearings of the bottom bracket and the crank’s axle together into one removable part. Design is such that two square tapers finish either side of the bottom bracket onto which then the cranks are mounted. Nowadays it is less in use, but it can regularly be found on vintage bicycles.

Bike bottom brackets are different for road bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes. To each their own.

Is it time for a change?

To check if your bottom bracket needs replacement, perform an easy checkup.

You will need to drop the chain off the smallest chainring and give the crank a spin. It is time for a new one if you can see it shaking from side to side, or you can feel resistance in the spin.

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