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SRAM PF30 Bottom Bracket

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The SRAM PressFit 30 bottom bracket is intricately engineered to accommodate frames that adhere to the PressFit 30 bottom bracket standard. This specialized design ensures a seamless fit and compatibility with frames that follow the PressFit 30 specifications. Whether you're assembling or upgrading your bike, this bottom bracket is tailored to provide optimal performance within the PressFit 30 standard, offering a reliable and precise solution for your cycling needs.


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IIf your bike's bottom bracket shell features a 46mm inner diameter (ID), the SRAM PressFit 30 bottom bracket is the ideal choice. This bottom bracket is designed to work seamlessly with any BB30 crankset. The unit is delivered complete and pre-assembled, making installation a straightforward process.

- Designed for PF30 bottom bracket shells and compatible with BB30 cranksets.
- Utilizes durable steel bearings, maintaining industry-standard quality.
- Compatibility extends to bottom bracket shells ranging from 68 to 92mm in width, including BBright and BB386EVO standards.

This bottom bracket offers a versatile solution for bikes with a 46mm ID bottom bracket shell, ensuring compatibility with a range of cranksets and providing durability through the use of steel bearings.


- **Material:**
- Cups: Nylon
- Bearings: Steel

- **Shell Type:**
- PF30
- BBright
- BB386 EVO

- **Shell Width:**
- Road: 68mm
- Mountain: 73mm

- **Claimed Weight:** 3.2oz (91g)

- **Manufacturer Warranty:** 2 years

These specifications provide detailed information about the material composition, compatibility with different shell types and widths, weight, and the manufacturer's warranty for the SRAM PressFit 30 bottom bracket.

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