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City Bikes

City Bikes are designed to serve and be enjoyed by everyone. They can be ridden on tarmac and some easy gravel roads. They need to facilitate easy hopping on and off, parking, and carrying things with a rack in the back and space to hang more biking bags.

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Loved for many reasons

City or commuter bikes are ideal means of travel around a city. The advantages of using a bike over the car to cover short to medium distances are too many. But let’s mention the most notable ones. First that comes to mind is the cost effectiveness, for your own budget and for the environment. It is often even quicker commuting on your bike during the rush hour, than taking your car or public transportation. They are perfect for getting to work, dropping off your kid at the daycare, doing the basic shopping, since they are specially designed to take different biking bags, child seat, and so. All along you get your daily exercise. Great, right?!

Main characteristics

  • Main characteristic and requirement of a city bike is that a rider needs to hold an upright position to have good visibility and to be visible at the same, which ensures better safety. That is facilitated with a shorter distance between the handlebars and the saddle.
  • A city bike is required to have high-quality lighting system that complies with road traffic regulations. Usually, they come with some lights mounted. Visibility is an important safety precondition.
  • City bikes are very cost effective. They are cheap to buy and maintain compared to how long they last.
  • If you add a motor, you get an e-city bike that makes riding in hilly cities a breeze.

 A few things to keep in mind

  • Make sure that you can adjust the handlebars, stem and saddle to your body, it will make a huge difference
  • You can either opt for one made of aluminum or steel. Aluminum city bike is lighter and corrosion free, but the ride is stiff. Steel city bike is heavier, will rust, but it is more comfortable.
  • When choosing tires go for wider if you care for comfort.
  • We recommend the suspension fork, even though it’s not necessary, you’ll thank us later.
  • Bike helmet is a must, so is a good bike lock.  You may need more bicycle accessories, but those two are indispensable.

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