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Bike Wheels

A bike wheel is a wheel designed for a bicycle and a pair of bike wheels is often called a wheelset. Most commonly they are categorized by their basic use to road or racing bicycle wheels, mountain bike wheels and BMX wheels. Further, they can be categorized by the type of the rim to clincher, tubular and tubeless. Find your new wheelset from our deal’s selection!

Introducing different types of wheels

Bike wheels all share the same anatomy, they are made of same basic parts: rim, hub and spokes. Bike wheels can be categorized in many ways. By the type of the rim there are:
  • Clincher – for use with clincher tires which need an inner tube to hold the air and the tire actually envelopes the tube and presses against the rim. They are in use on all kinds of bicycles.
  • Tubular – these rims are designed for tubular tires which are glued with adhesive to the rim. They are mostly used for racing.
  • Tubeless – these rims are specially designed for tubeless tires mostly used on mountain bikes, but becoming very popular on road bikes as well.
By the basic use there are:
  • Road bicycle wheels – come in size 700C, 650 C and 650B, just like road bike tires. The most important characteristics for road bike wheels are good aerodynamics, being lightweight but strong and durable at the same time, with as little rolling resistance. All together working in achieving high speed. They are narrower, easy to control. Being lightweight helps with acceleration and climbing, while aerodynamics and low rolling resistance help maintain the high speed for longer distances. They are made of aluminum or carbon.
  • Mountain bicycle wheels – come in sizes of 24, 26, 27.5 and 29 inches. They are wider than road bike wheels, because the mountain bike tires are wider and thicker, and structurally the mountain bike wheels have to withstand the toughness of off road terrain as well as the roughness of the riding style. They are also made of aluminum or carbon.
  • BMX wheels – usually come in 20-inch size. They need to be small to be easily controlled during tricks, even though there are types of BMX bicycles that take larger tires.
  Choose your wheels strategically. Take all the characteristics into the consideration and see what ticks your personal needs and your riding style. Opting for the right bike wheels will influence greatly the overall performance of your bicycle and ultimately the enjoyment you will take from riding it.

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