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Cycling and migraines

  There are millions of people around the world suffering from migraines and the fact that so far, no cure has been found for their ailment. Obviously, there are medicines that help with the cond

10 Things to do to get ready for the new cycling season

Some of you are blessed to live in the areas where your cycling is not affected by the change of the seasons. Others endure long winter days waiting for the sun to be able to hit the road again. Regar

7 tips for cycling in winter

  What about those who want to ride their bike on cold days? Cycling in winter is not so scary at all if you prepare well for it. 1. Layers, layers, layers Whatever you do in the cold weather, i

Cycling and New Year’s resolutions

  Do you bother setting them just to forget them by mid -January or do you take them seriously? I used to belong to the first category, but luckily with age comes experience and I learned to appr

Cycling on an empty stomach tailored differently for women and men

  Good number of us take up cycling to lose some weight or to keep it at bay. That is, until we catch the bug, right 😉 ? For years, the most adventurous cyclists would go on their morning ride

5 Cycling Did you know facts

  Bicycle was first called the Hobby Horse and “boneshaker” In 1860’s several inventors developed the first prototypes, with pedals on the front wheel.  They were named bicycles but al