Cutting-Edge Handlebars Redefine Aerodynamics, Compliance, and Affordability

In an era where the boundaries of cycling performance and innovation are constantly being pushed, two groundbreaking handlebar designs have emerged, setting new benchmarks in aerodynamics, compliance, and accessibility. The Toot Racing Ashaa RR and Lambda Tuning Cross-Wing handlebars represent the pinnacle of cycling innovation, blending cutting-edge technology with rider-centric design to redefine the cycling experience for enthusiasts and professional athletes alike.

Toot Racing Ashaa RR: Sculpting the Wind with Pioneering Design

The TRed TOOT Ashaa endurance track handlebar is a masterpiece of design and engineering, aimed at cyclists who demand unparalleled performance and versatility from their equipment. Crafted in the UK, this monocoque carbon creation stands out as a contender for the world’s best endurance bunch bar, blending sophisticated aesthetics with functionality to meet the rigorous demands of track and road racing.

At the core of the Ashaa’s design is its emphasis on ergonomics and aerodynamics. The handlebar introduces shapely hoods and sharp finger grips, catering to riders who seek optimal control and comfort during intense efforts on the track. These features allow for a secure grip, ensuring that every ounce of effort translates into forward motion. The flat, horizontal drops are engineered to offer a low riding position, crucial for slicing through the air with minimal resistance. This design choice not only enhances aerodynamic efficiency but also provides a competitive edge during high-speed pursuits.

Further enhancing its appeal to racers is the generous flare from the narrow tops to the drops. This 20° flare ensures ample room for the wrists, addressing a common complaint among cyclists about restricted movement and discomfort in aggressive riding positions. The flare expands the bar’s width from a compact 28cm at the virtual hoods (center-center) to 37cm at the horizontal drops (c-c), creating a balance between aerodynamic posture and ergonomic comfort.

The Ashaa handlebar’s dimensions, with a 93mm drop and 108mm reach, are meticulously calculated to cater to endurance racers’ needs. These measurements reflect a deep understanding of the biomechanics of cycling, ensuring that riders can maintain a comfortable yet efficient position over long distances.

Constructed from high-quality monocoque carbon, the Ashaa is not just about aesthetics and comfort; it’s built for performance. The choice of carbon fiber results in a handlebar that is not only lightweight but also exceptionally stiff, translating every pedal stroke into maximum propulsion. This stiffness does not come at the expense of comfort, as carbon’s natural vibration-damping properties help to mitigate road buzz, a critical factor in endurance events.

Priced at $1395 NZD and available in a single size, the Ashaa track bar fits conventional stems with a 31.8mm clamp, making it a versatile option for a wide range of bikes and setups. Whether riding on the tops, in the drops, or on the hoods, cyclists can expect a multi-position grip that offers both speed and comfort.

In summary, the TRed TOOT Ashaa endurance track handlebar is a testament to the fusion of form and function. It represents a significant investment in cycling performance, offering a stiff, fast, and ergonomically advanced option for riders who refuse to compromise on quality or performance. For those seeking the ultimate endurance bunch bar, the Ashaa may very well be the pinnacle of what the market has to offer.

Lambda Tuning Cross-Wing: Democratizing Innovation with Carbon Craftsmanship

The Cross-Wing Aero Carbon Handlebars are a testament to the fusion of aerodynamic engineering and ergonomic design, tailored for the modern cyclist’s quest for performance and comfort. Developed to meet the demanding needs of racing cyclists and gravel bike riders alike, these handlebars bring forth an innovative approach to cycling dynamics. The design philosophy behind the Cross-Wing Aero Handlebars is centered around providing a competitive edge through aerodynamic optimization while ensuring a versatile and comfortable riding experience. The flattened top link not only enhances aerodynamics, saving approximately 12 watts, but also offers a comfortable grip and noticeable damping on the brake handles and lower link. This feature is crucial for cyclists seeking to maintain control and comfort across diverse terrains.

For those who prioritize a streamlined riding position, the Cross-Wing handlebars present a narrower brake handle width compared to the lower link. This design choice facilitates an aerodynamically superior position, allowing riders to emulate the efficiency of time trial bars by resting their forearms on the flat top handlebars. Additionally, the handlebars are designed with a flare on the lower links to provide ample space for the forearms during sprints and ensure a comfortable position thanks to the extremely low drop.

Understanding the practical aspects of cycling, especially the need for quick adjustments or replacements, the Cross-Wing handlebars feature an open cable channel under the top link. This thoughtful design maintains the aerodynamic profile while greatly simplifying the process of swapping handlebars, a boon for cyclists who may face the inconvenience of rerouting cables through integrated systems after a fall or when desiring a change.

To complement the advanced design of the handlebars, optional accessories such as a computer mount on the stem and a sleek handlebar bag are available. The handlebar bag, designed to match the aerodynamic and aesthetic qualities of the Cross-Wing handlebars, offers a practical solution for carrying essentials without compromising performance. Its compact size, waterproof lining, and easy mounting options underscore the blend of functionality and innovation that defines the Cross-Wing Aero Carbon Handlebars.

In essence, the Cross-Wing Aero Carbon Handlebars embody the pinnacle of cycling innovation, offering aerodynamic efficiency, ergonomic comfort, and practical versatility. They are crafted for cyclists who demand the best in terms of performance, whether racing through the peloton or navigating the rugged terrain on a gravel bike. With their advanced features and thoughtful design, these handlebars are set to redefine the cycling experience, pushing the boundaries of what riders can achieve on two wheels.

Charting a New Course in Cycling Innovation

The Toot Racing Ashaa RR and Lambda Tuning Cross-Wing handlebars are more than just advancements in cycling technology; they are harbingers of a new era in the sport. By pushing the limits of design, materials, and aerodynamics, these handlebars offer cyclists the opportunity to experience unparalleled performance and efficiency. Whether opting for the revolutionary design of the Ashaa RR or the accessible innovation of the Cross-Wing, cyclists now have the tools to redefine their ride, pushing the boundaries of what is possible on two wheels.

As the cycling world continues to evolve, the introduction of these handlebars marks a significant milestone in the journey toward innovation, performance, and accessibility. With each pedal stroke, riders equipped with these pioneering designs are not just navigating the road ahead; they are shaping the future of cycling itself.