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Bike Trainers

Bike trainers enable you to keep improving your endurance when weather outside is not favorable for riding. Modern trainers can be hooked up to a TV or monitor and give you a real time riding experience, so you can even race and train with real people who use the same platform. Have a look at our offer and never miss a ride!

Introducing different types of trainers

Bicycle trainer is an excellent option when we are not in the position to take our beloved bike for a spin. Sometimes it is the unpredictable weather or just way too bad and annoying. Sometimes we have to babysit or it’s too late to go out. Or, sometimes we have pandemic, right?! Whatever the reason, there is a solution not to miss your training session.   Either type we choose, doesn't need too much space in the room, so it makes them very useful addition to our overall biking form. Bike trainers operate in such a way that they get fixed to your bike via the rear wheel hub. The tire touches a plastic or steel roller connected to a flywheel. They can have a magnetic, electric, fluid or motor brake which increases resistance, simulating different speeds and climbs.
  • A magnetic trainer works on a simple principle where magnets exert resistance to the flywheel as you pedal.
  • Fluid trainer is designed to increase the resistance the harder you pedal with a thick liquid it is filled by, usually silicon.
  • Trainer with electric brake creates induction-induced breaking power as you pedal, so it doesn’t require any additional source of power.
  • A motor brake or interactive trainer is based on simulation technology. This is the top model packed with features. An electric motor is connected to the flywheel and simulates climbing thus giving the rider a true hi-speed uphill and downhill sensations. It gives an experience of riding a “real” bicycle plus the possibility to virtually connect with other cyclist via application and race each other. When training on your own, it collects a plethora of information.
  • Rollers are still the most realistic ones and the most difficult ones to learn to use. You will need some time to make yourselves comfortable with them. The thing is that while training on rollers you mustn’t stop even for a second, you need to paddle all the time, so it really feels like you're riding the bike outside. Also, you need to stay focused all the time and pay attention all along. Overall, riding rollers will make you stay sharp, and in great shape.

Second best

In the end, yes, they are not the real thing, but a great second best. They’ll save your form, your tires. They’ll save the day.

Take a look at our offer

At Velo Deals you will find a great offer of various types of bike trainers, take your pick. If you have any questions in regards to purchasing your brand-new bike trainer - feel free to contact us and we will be more than ready to assist you!