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Car Roof Racks

Car roof racks are the most convenient way to transport your bicycle to and from trail. Roof racks have a capacity to carry more than one bike. Best of all, car roof racks don’t get in the way when you need to use your car trunk and can be left permanently attached to your vehicle. Find your car roof rack in our offers.

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Why a car roof rack?

  Car roof rack is a very important bicycle accessory. They are a popular choice for cyclists who often travel further in search for the next good ride. Big advantage of car roof racks over a hitch mount or trunk mount bike rack is the possibility to leave a roof rack permanently mounted to your vehicle and access your trunk without a problem. They are also favored by travelers as they can still easily attach a trailer to their vehicle, simply as an add on. They are a perfect choice for a family or a team or friends on a quest for a new adventure since they can transport up to 4 bikes with additional carriers. Bars on most of car roof carriers can be locked, putting your mind at ease while travelling. You can stop looking in the rearview mirror checking every now and then what is happening with the bikes, if they are still tightened properly.... Some products have unique features, such as a torque indicator which blocks overtightening, and the possibility to manually position your bike. Car roof racks come with installation instructions that make things relatively straightforward.

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If you’re about to embark on your next cycling adventure and you are looking for a car roof rack, look no further. At Velo Deals we scout the market to bring to you the car roof racks from the top brands at the best prices.   If you have any questions in regards to purchasing your brand-new car roof rack - feel free to contact us and we will be more than ready to assist you!