Men’s Cycling Vest

Men’s cycling vest should be well-made to ensure becoming your best friend on rides with variable weather conditions. A men's cycling vest is an essential bit of your kit for any type of biking you may do. The best cycling vest will meet the main criteria of being breathable, windproof, waterproof, easily packable and offering good visibility to other participants in traffic.

Cycling vest, just in case

Men’s cycling vest is a perfect little something to throw on your back or to take in your pocket, just in case, especially in the summertime and when the weather is unpredictable. They are a great choice for the times when it is still too hot for a men’s cycling windbreaker jacket, yet you need some protection from the elements. They are a great first option to turn to for protection, and you wear them only over your men’s cycling jersey.

They are made of the same materials as cycling jackets, so they possess all the good traits. They are windproof, waterproof, and water repellant - only scaled-down compared to cycling jackets.

On the other end, breathability and elasticity are scaled up, first of all, because there are no sleeves. Another reason lies in the fact that often the back side is made of mesh for extra breathability, and only in such cases they wouldn’t protect you from the rain.

So, you should choose your cycling vest to fit nice and snugly, tighter than your cycling jacket would.

Another little feature that makes a big difference is a higher collar, which further protects the neck from the wind and the rain.

They are cut longer in the rear side to protect your back when stretched out on a bicycle.

Due to its lightness and even smaller size than a cycling jacket, the cycling vest can be folded into tiny packets and stored in your cycling jersey pocket with ease. They usually have their own pockets and sometimes one of those is used as a storage pouch for the vest itself.

They are often made from reflective materials or with added reflective elements for better visibility in the traffic.

Men's cycling vest can be used as an inner liner of a men's cycling jacket.

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