Bike Brakes

Bike brakes are one of the vital parts of any bicycle. As such, bike brakes must be in perfect shape at any given time. Bike brakes that are most commonly used types in recent times are disc and rim brakes, less used drum and coaster brakes. Take a look at our selection and find your new bike brakes.

Types of bike brakes

Bike brakes are one of the most important parts of any bicycle which demands to be treated with care and should always be kept in undisputed shape. Let’s get a closer look at the most commonly used types of bike brakes in recent times, and learn how to choose between them:

  1. Disc brakes offer better modulation than rim brakes, which is the ability to accurately send the desired amount of force from the shifter to precisely control the clamp on the rotor of the brake. You can ride a bike easily because the peak of stopping power occurs just before the point of lock-up, then further, discs provide the driver with increased stopping power. Most importantly, disc brakes give you smoother braking control over the rim brakes. Also, a useful characteristic is that disk brakes stay cleaner, you'll also be allowed to stop more quickly, with control and at the speed, you want depending on conditions.
  2. Rim brakes provide you with a much quicker wheel direction change rather than discs. They are much cheaper, the maintenance can be a matter of DIY easily, and in many cases are much lighter than disc brakes. One must bear in mind: they have very limited or close to no performance in wet or snow conditions, especially when installed on carbon rims. Worth mentioning is that rim brakes have some three times more braking power than discs, a fact that still keeps them very much relevant. They do wear out, and they wear the rims out, so that has to be taken care of timely.
  3. A drum brake is situated in the hub where two brake shoes press against the inside of a cylindrical drum. They are still preferred for use on utility bicycles in countries with wet weather.
  4. Coaster brakes are a braking system that is activated by pushing the pedals backward. As a result, we often call them to backpedal brakes. Usually, we can see them on kid’s bikes, or adult cruiser bikes. Pedal brake affects only the back wheel, so we can use it for stopping, but also for slowing down until we reach the ideal speed, by pressing on them slightly repeatedly.

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