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Bike Water Bottles

Bike water bottles are simple, but critical part of any cyclist’s arsenal. It seems like you can never have enough, and water bottles have amazing ability to magically disappear or get lost. Get few extra ones and never run out by buying them at the lowest prices online.

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Different material different experience

Even before 1930’s and the first bike bottle holder and the 1950’s, since it was amassed, bike water bottle had become one of the essential items in the bicycle accessories products.  Many materials have been used over the years for its manufacture. As the technology developed, our needs, and our consciousness so have the materials of our water bottles.
  • For a long time, plastic was the most popular raw material for bicycle bottles. They still are very popular due to its advantages of being light and non-breakable, reusable, but to add to that today’s plastic bottles are also dishwasher-safe, squeezable - LDPE – which is very handy and BPA free. Their transparency is another positive feature since you can always readd how much precisely liquid is left inside. They are also easily fitted into the bike water holders due to their ergonomic shape as well as due to the fact that they can be molded somewhat because of their natural flexibility. However, stainless steel and aluminum have taken over as materials for bicycle water bottles.
  • Aluminum water bottles are just as light as plastic bottles, they protect the contents from light and germs.
  • Stainless steel bike water bottles are heavier than plastic or aluminum bottles, but more robust. Their great advantage though is that they come in the thermal version, that will keep your drink hot or cold for several hours, and don’t we all know how greatly appreciated that is on certain days.
  Beyond a doubt you will need a couple. Some you will lose, some you will need for different rides, and another big plus of them is that you can use them in everyday life from taking your coffee to the office in the morning to taking your refreshment it with you to the gym, occasions are too many to mention…  

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