Handlebar Tape

Handlebar tape is used as the interface for a crucial contact point on the bike. The potential of a handlebar tape for creative expression is significant and rewarding for many people. This is possible because there is an extensive range of handlebar tapes to choose from. Take a look at our deals and find the one that best suits your preferences!

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Handlebar tape has an important and often underestimated role. It is used as the interface for a crucial contact point on the bike. Even though it is cheap to replace, way too often you’ll see worn-out handlebar tape on a bike. On the other hand, nothing doesn’t instantly upgrade the looks of a bike like a brand new handlebar tape.

There is a huge potential for personalization since they come in an array of different colors and designs. So it offers a way for your artsy side to shine through.

Aside from their potential for personal creative expression, their main role is undisputed. Handlebar tape as an invention is first thought of and wrapped to provide the purpose of good dependable grip under any weather conditions - sweaty or frozen hands, the tape provides holding the handlebars with comfort.

The material of the handlebar tape has been changing slowly over time. The first handlebar tapes were made of cotton. They would coat them with shellac to last longer and also for decorative purposes. Cotton stayed in use for over thirty years before plastic overtook the first place as the favored material. It stayed the first choice for a decade until cork and foam handlebar tapes took its place. New materials like microfiber, polyurethane and other synthetics were introduced in the last fifteen years or so. They are often mixed with foam for extra cushioning, and they are favored for their durability and because they are washable. Lastly, we should mention leather handlebar tapes as a timeless choice. Leather makes durable tapes that become even more comfortable over time so even though the cost is high, it does pay off.

Whichever material you choose your handlebar tape to be made of, one thing is sure, you will have  a plethora of designs to choose from. And secondly, don’t leave it to get worn out before you change it.

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