Bike Saddles

Bike saddles differ for different disciplines mostly due to the riding position, which not only depends on what type of bike you’re riding but also on the way you ride it. Bike saddles are always in demand. More often than not cyclists are on the lookout for the next more comfortable saddle. Take a look at our selection and find your new best bike saddle yet.

Introducing the different types of bike saddles

The bike saddle is one of the three contact points with the bicycle, together with the bike pedals and the handlebar and it defines its significance. It is a part that provides support to the cyclist and its role in the overall riding experience is essential. There is a large number of different types of bike saddles, depending on the type of bicycle and ride they can be road, city, triathlon, trekking, or MTB. Depending on gender, bike saddles for women and men will be different ergonomically. Saddles with or no suspension, with or no gel padding, even extremely light carbon seats. There are a couple of more factors that should influence the choice of saddle.

  • The seating position of the body greatly influences the choice of the right bike saddle. The more upright we sit – like on a city bike, the wider the rear of the bicycle seat should be. Opposite, the bent position on road bikes demands a wider area in the middle of the saddle. This helps with more even distribution of pressure and the saddle is narrower in general.
  • More padding doesn’t necessarily mean more comfort. If too soft it will glue to the bigger area of the buttocks increasing the contact surface and the pressure.
  • There is a correlation between the bike saddle and the health of the cyclists’ reproductive organs. In a few words, the advice for both sexes is not to choose seats with too long noses, not to keep them tilted upwards, to wear padded biking pants, and raise the handlebars so that the body position is as upright as possible. If you would like to learn more about this subject, here is a link with more information and studies that support them.

So, when choosing your next bike saddle all of these factors should be taken into consideration before reaching the decision.  Even then, the optimal saddle may take the some time for our body to adjust to it.

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