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Selle SMP KRYT3 Carbon Rail Saddle

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Selle SMP designs saddles for various cycling disciplines and with its KRYT3 Carbon Fiber Saddle, it might just be the first saddle we've come across that's built for criteriums.


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We're quite certain that's not the only arena it will excel in and we're kind of surprised it doesn't come with some sort of protective anti-abrasion material on the sides to withstand the inevitable crash, but nevertheless, it's designed with a shape that supports quick adjustments to speed and handling that's needed on a tight, closed course. This saddle gets its signature shaping and standard elastomer foam padding keeping you comfortable way past the 1-hour plus a lap timing of your typical crit.
The KRYT3 is indeed all SMP with its signature pressure relieving center channel and iconic dropped nose. This shaping relieves pressure on soft tissue and places it on the sit bones which, as it turns out, are way better at supporting our body weight while seated. SMP shapes the carbon reinforced nylon shell to work best for a cyclist with pant size ranging between 30 and 35-inches for maximum comfort. This version features a soft leather or microfiber cover, as well carbon fiber rails that balance incredibly low weight with impressive strength for race day.

-Crit-focused saddle designed to bolster power and speed
-Leather or microfiber-covered elastomer padding provides soft comfort
-Carbon fiber rails delivers powerful strength at low weight
-Carbon-reinforced nylon cover flexes and supports
-Item #SLL001G


Rails: unidirectional carbon fiber
Shell: carbon-reinforced nylon 12
Cover: [black] leather, [colored] microfiber
Seat Length: 245mm
Seat Width: 132mm

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