Road Bike Frames

Road bike frames are mostly categorized by the material they are made of. You are at the right place if you are contemplating custom-building your road bike. Road bike frames used to be made of steel, but not so much anymore. Now they are made of aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium mostly. We have the deals for you.

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Road bike frames: What it’s made of makes all the difference

Road bike frames can be categorized based on one of the most important criteria, and that is the choice of frame material. They differ significantly one from another depending on whether it is made of steel, aluminum, carbon, or titanium in terms of their riding characteristics, appearance, and composition. Each material has its pros and its cons. So, it all comes down to what is dear to your heart. Let’s take a look at each of those separately for a minute:

Road bike frames are made of steel, surpassed for decades because of too much weight and rusting, yet it is extremely durable if well-taken care of, gives a comfortable road feel, and is easily fixed.

Aluminum is a good lightweight material for frames and wheels but is somewhat surpassed by carbon and titanium, because of its tendency to transmit road vibration and bumps to the rider. It is still a great value-for-money option.

Carbon fiber has become the gold standard as a road bike frame material over the past 2-3 decades. It is extremely lightweight and strong yet comfortable. It can be formed into an almost limitless array of shapes and blocks the road vibration from the rider. There is a but though – it is still very expensive and less robust than the rival materials.

Titanium, before carbon fiber, was the ultimate lightweight frame material. It is stronger and as durable as steel while significantly lighter, and rust-free. Some bike companies still build titanium road bikes, and a couple specializes in them. These slim-looking bikes give this unique riding comfort with spirited handling. Titanium is a preferred choice of materials for custom bike builders, nevertheless, the market share of titanium road frames is a fraction of carbon fiber road frames.

Road bike frame vs. Gravel or Cyclocross frame

If you feel a bit more adventurous and or you need to get off the paved road too, then you should opt for a gravel or cyclocross bike, which is actually a subcategory of a road bike, with its characteristics, which the frame has to accommodate.

  • Tires are wider on both gravel and cyclocross
  • The bottom bracket is raised on both gravel and cyclocross in order to be raised higher off the ground
  • Gravel frames are quite robust, cyclocross frames are as light as road bike frames
  • Gravel frames come prepared with eyelets for biking bags and bike water holder

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