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Wahoo Fitness – KICKR AXIS Upgrade Kit

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The KICKR AXIS Upgrade Kit replaces the feet on our existing Wahoo KICKR to provide three stiffness levels that add more realistic riding sensations to our indoor sessions. The side-to-side function helps us relieve overworked cycling muscles targeted by fixed trainers and build more stability that translates to outdoor riding.


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Kit adds movement to your stationary indoor cycling
Feet for KICKR trainer add three stiffness options for realistic cycling
Side to side movement with up to five degrees of float
Reduces rider fatigue by more effectively using cycling-specific muscles
Easy installation supports flexible riding goals


Compatibility: all versions of KICKR trainers (not KICKR CORE or KICKR SNAP)
Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.3 x 2.75in

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