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Orange Seal – Versa Valve Tubeless

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Running tires tubeless might be one of the greatest revelations we've come across during our years of riding. The ability to run lower pressure and a reduction in flats is just too good to ignore. As systems continue to refine, Orange Seal brings products to the table that improve the experience and through trial and error, are engineered to reduce any frustration that may ensue with a tubeless setup. Its Versa Valve Tubeless Valve Stem is one product that has proven its weight in gold.
The biggest advantage of the Versa Valve is its large base that accepts different rubber grommets that help this valve adapt to an airtight fit on virtually any rim. No more leaking sealant or air at the valve hole. These valves are built of aluminum for light weight and feature removable valve cores for sealant injection and extender use. The kit comes with 2 valves, 2 different grommets, extra valve cores, and a valve removal tool.


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Tubeless valve stems with multiple length options
Interchangeable rubber grommets adapts to rim channel profiles
Removable valve core for sealant inject and extender use
Alloy construction for light weight


Compatibility: adaptable bases to match most rim shapes

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