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Shimano Hydraulic Mineral Oil (100ml)

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When your brake levers begin to feel soft and spongy, you need to replace your brake fluid to restore their performance. Moisture, air bubbles, and contaminants can accumulate in the brake fluid over time, compromising the effectiveness of your braking system. Performing this crucial maintenance task ensures that your brakes operate at their best, delivering optimal performance and responsiveness.
By replacing the brake fluid, you remove old and potentially degraded fluid, preventing issues like brake fade and spongy levers. The new fluid helps maintain proper hydraulic pressure, ensuring a swift and reliable response when you engage your brakes. Regularly performing this maintenance not only enhances your overall braking performance but also contributes to the safety and longevity of your bike's braking system. So, when you notice a decline in brake responsiveness or a soft feel in your levers, taking the time to replace the brake fluid is a key step in keeping your bike in top condition.


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To ensure a safe and non-toxic method of bringing your bike to a complete stop, invest time in reconnecting with your ride. Consider grabbing a 100mL bottle of Shimano's Hydraulic Mineral Oil, specifically designed for Shimano hydraulic brakes and suitable for both front and rear brakes.

Shimano's Hydraulic Mineral Oil prioritizes safety during handling, being non-toxic and non-caustic. As a mineral oil-based fluid, it effectively removes gunk, trapped air, and contaminants from your brake system, ensuring smooth operation. Its superior heat expansion properties enable reliable braking performance.

Maintain your bike's braking efficiency with Shimano's Hydraulic Mineral Oil – a choice that combines safety, performance, and quality.


Material: Mineral oil
Volume: 100mL
Recommended Use: Maintenance
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years

This product utilizes a formulation based on mineral oil, offering effective maintenance for your equipment. With a convenient volume of 100mL, it is designed for easy application during maintenance tasks. The manufacturer provides a reliable 2-year warranty, ensuring the quality and performance of the product.

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