The cables and casings on a bicycle are integral to the quality of the bike, as well as its functionality. Without cables and casings, your bicycle would not be able to change gears or brake smoothly. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that your cables and casings are in good condition and will continue to operate as intended.

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A bicycle is a wonderful invention. It's a machine that allows you to travel from one place to another, with little effort on your part.

Most of the parts are crucial for the proper functioning of a bike, including cables and casings, brakes, and gears. Cables are creating the connection paths of communication between the bike shifters on the handlebars and the derailleur, passing on the message of when to shift the gear and when to break.

It's important to keep your bicycle in good working order, and that means keeping an eye on the cables and casings of your bicycle. The cables are what connect the brake to the gear, so if they break or fray, you won't be able to stop or change gears.

The brake and gear cables on a bicycle are coated with a plastic or rubber sheath to protect them from moisture and the elements, but they can still get worn out. If your brake and gear cables are less responsive than they used to be, or if they're not working at all, it's time to replace them.

Cables can be coated or made of polished stainless steel. We recommend the latter. The polished stainless steel cables usually come pre-stretched, they offer ultra-low friction, high precision shifting and braking performance. Polished stainless steel cables are more durable and compatible with different makes of housing and lubricants.

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