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Jagwire 1x Elite Link Shift Kit

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While the shifter and brake cable housing might not be the first components that come to mind for an upgrade, the 1x Elite Link Shift Kit from Jagwire has proven to offer significant benefits. This kit provides an enhanced and reliable performance for your bike's shifting system.

The Elite Link Shift Kit by Jagwire typically includes a set of high-quality cables and housings designed to optimize the efficiency of your bike's shifting mechanism. The cables are often made from durable materials, reducing friction and improving overall responsiveness. The housing, too, is crafted to enhance durability and minimize the impact of external elements.

Upgrading to the 1x Elite Link Shift Kit can result in smoother and more precise shifting. The kit is particularly appreciated by cyclists who seek improved performance, reduced maintenance needs, and an overall enhanced riding experience. So, even though cable housing upgrades might not be the most obvious choice, the advantages brought by the Jagwire 1x Elite Link Shift Kit make it a worthwhile consideration for those looking to optimize their bike's shifting capabilities.


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offering a cable housing that is not only more flexible but also lighter compared to traditional options.

Key Features:

Cable housing crafted with interlocking aluminum links.
Maximum length extends up to 1950mm (extensions available separately).
Customizable options allow you to tailor it to your bike's specific needs.
The lubricated sleeve liner facilitates easy cable installation.
The use of aluminum links enhances flexibility, allowing for smoother cable movement, while simultaneously reducing the overall weight of the housing. The maximum length of 1950mm provides sufficient coverage for various bike setups, and if needed, extensions can be obtained separately. With customization options, cyclists have the flexibility to choose the specifications that best suit their bike.

Additionally, the lubricated sleeve liner adds a practical touch, making the installation of cables a more straightforward process. Altogether, these features contribute to an improved and customized biking experience, making the cable housing a notable upgrade for those seeking enhanced performance and convenience.


Cable: Steel
Housing Liner: Slick-Lube
Housing: Aluminum
Compatible Components:
SRAM shifters
Shimano shifters
1 Derailleur cable
1 Liner
1 Housing
1 Set of 4mm/5mm inline adjusters
1 Set of 4mm/5mm housing connectors
1 Set of open alloy end caps
Manufacturer Warranty:
Limited warranty provided
These specifications highlight the materials used in the cable housing kit, its compatibility with SRAM and Shimano shifters, and the components included in the package. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty to provide assurance regarding the quality and performance of the kit.

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