Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips significantly add to the comfort of the ride. We are on the constant lookout for the best deals on the latest handlebar grips from the leading brands. We want the latest handlebar grips designs, in a number of styles and made from various materials at the best possible prices. We know how important the connection to your bike is.

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Handlebar grips

Handlebar grips are crucial in helping you have better control over your bike. They improve the feeling of contact with the bike and that is of essential importance whether you are headed for the unbeaten mountain trails on your mountain bike, whether you perform tricks on your BMX or you criss-cross the town every day on your city bike. They will make you feel confident in all weather conditions. Aside from the added control, they significantly add to the comfort of the ride, by dampening the impacts of the road on your wrists and arms.

They will also aid your artistic expression since they come in several designs to choose from.

  • Based on the material they are made from, they can be foam and silicone handlebar grips. Both of these materials make grippy, comfortable and light bike grips, good for use in all weather conditions. Silicone grips have the advantage over foam grips in respect of easier cleaning and offering better dampening vibration quality. Common brands of round foam and silicone handlebar grips are Race Face, Brooks, Ritchey…
  • There are also ergonomic handlebar grips. These handlebar grips are designed with a winged shape in a concept to bring relief and wrist support. Made from super soft rubbery material it is truly combining comfort and the control of movement. Famous for the production of this type of handlebar grip is Ergon.
  • And there are bar ends as an extra add-on to the handlebar grips. They are not a must, but they do play a good role in protecting the foam and silicone grips and they offer better control in standing positions.

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