Cyclo-cross tires

Cyclo-cross tires are designed specifically for cyclo-cross bikes, and they're the perfect balance between speed and traction. Cyclo-cross tires provide exceptional traction on dirt and mud and have a tread pattern designed for maximum grip. If you're looking for the perfect tires to take your cyclo-cross bike over the bumps and through the mud, look no further.

Introducing cyclo-cross tires

When you're riding a cyclo-cross bike, you need a tire that can handle the rigors of off-road riding. Cyclo-cross tires are specially designed for cyclo-cross bicycles.

Cyclocross tires are available in a variety of widths, tread patterns, and compounds to suit your riding style and conditions. They're often used for riding in wet conditions, but they can be used for a variety of other conditions as well.

The tread on cyclo-cross tires is often knobby, with a pattern of alternating deep and shallow grooves, which helps them grip the road when it's wet. This deep tread pattern with three center knobs provides most of your contact surface with the ground, while still letting you maintain a smooth ride.

The maximum permitted width in UCI-sanctioned cyclo-cross races is 33mm, though some brands may make them slightly wider or narrower than that. The width can go even up to 45 mm. The further it goes from 33 mm they are considered gravel. How wide you will go depends on the clearance you have on the bike fork, the size of the wheel, the type of the wheel and the intended use.

Cyclo-cross tires come in all three options of bike tires and wheels: tubular – the most popular, then tubeless, and clincher as the least popular.

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We also offer a wide variety of tread patterns: from smooth-rolling slicks to sticky-traction studs, we've got all the options you could ask for!

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