Mudguard is the answer when you don't see any fun in getting your back and legs sprayed with muddy water when cycling in the rain. We got you! From clip-on mudguards for your mountain bike and road bikes that are easily installed and removed to fixed ones. We collect the best deals on mudguards here on our site for your convenience.

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Mudguards for dry back, rain or shine

Mudguards and fenders are available for every type of bicycle and there is no need to endure mud splashes on your legs and over to your back. As a matter of fact, as much as enjoyable it is to stay dry, they will also protect quite a few of the important parts of your bicycle from being filled up with mud, therefore, their lifespan will be prolonged. So, mudguards can be considered real little lifesavers for a small price. They will protect you, your clothes, your bike, and other people on the road.

Yours will be to choose the type of mudguards or fenders and the protection they can offer. As we mentioned, mudguards can be fitted, removable, clip-on, full-length, and short. Before buying one or both front and rear, you’ll need to consider the size of your tires and the model of your bike.

Full-length mudguards will protect you, your bike as well as anyone riding behind you. Of course, the shorter they are, the less protection you’ll be getting. So, based on the type of bike and cycling you do, it is basically up to you for which ones you will go.

We strongly advise mountain bikers as well to install mudguards in the wintertime especially.

Clip-on and removable mudguards are completely flat before assembly, so they are great for keeping in your backpack and having them ready for an ad hoc situation when you can install them in no time. And, they are practically effortless to maintain.

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