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IXS Helmet

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The Trigger AM Mips helmet draws on insights from its full-face counterpart, offering an ideal solution for all-mountain and trail riding. It's not just extremely light and friendly for pedaling, but also provides substantial protection if accidents occur. Thanks to our patented in-mold system, we've managed to include extensive ventilation without sacrificing safety. Consequently, the helmet features a unique appearance, assuring that during even the most strenuous climbs on the warmest days, airflow remains uninterrupted, keeping you cool.

To enhance comfort further, we've integrated our Ergo-Fit Ultra system. This allows for two-way, ultra-precise adjustments to perfect the fit, even while in motion. Additional features include a multi-position, goggle-compatible peak and a magnetic buckle for easy fastening. This version incorporates Mips technology, effectively minimizing rotational forces during a crash, offering an extra layer of safety.


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Safety and ease are top in cycling gear. Helmets with Mips add extra safety. They lower head injury risks on impact. In-mold tech makes helmets strong yet light. It also keeps air flowing, key for comfort.

This helmet has a visor you can adjust. It works well in different lights, boosting sight. A dial ensures a tight fit. Ergo-Fit Ultra lets you tweak the fit more. This means a custom fit for every user. The helmet's full shell gives all-around safety. Straps make sure it stays put.

A magnetic clip makes it quick to close. It meets key safety standards. This helmet suits those who put safety first. It gives both protection and comfort.

In short, this helmet mixes safety features with easy use. It's great for all riders, keeping them safe and comfy.


The helmet's standout feature is the Mips system, enhancing rider safety. This tech reduces the risk of brain injuries during falls. In-mold construction keeps the helmet both strong and lightweight. Ventilation is a key feature, ensuring airflow and rider comfort.

An adjustable visor improves visibility in varying light conditions. The dial adjuster guarantees a snug fit, while the Ergo-Fit Ultra system offers precise fit adjustments. The helmet's comprehensive protection is due to its full-coverage design. Straps secure the helmet, and a magnetic clip simplifies fastening.

Meeting top safety standards, this helmet is ideal for safety-first cyclists. It balances protection with comfort, making it perfect for any rider.

In summary, this helmet combines essential safety features with convenience. It's designed for all riders, offering both security and comfort.

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