Bags for bicycles are specially designed bags for carrying loads on a bicycle. Additionally, bags for bicycles are designed to be easily carried off the bike as well. Browse through our deal’s selection from the leading brands to find the one that will suit your needs as well as your bicycle.

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Types of bike bags

  • Bike backpacks are specifically made for cyclists and usually feature improved ergonomics, water bladder compatibility, helmet straps or pockets, and improved rainproofing. These backpacks are designed to move with you, they sit up higher on your back, so you can pedal easier. Even though biking backpacks have reflective tapes for better visibility while you’re on the bike, these bags are also great off the bike too, you can use them for school, work, and travel just as effectively. They really serve a double purpose. Lately, biking backpacks have become a must for mountain and gravel bikers, because of their unbeatable size and features.
  • The hydration pack is a specially designed backpack with a compartment called the bladder, for carrying water. It makes life easier since there is no need for stooping or slowing down when the thirst kicks in, but you can simply take a sip through a tube connected to the bladder. There are hydration packs specially designed for different sports. When cycling is concerned, they are used mostly for road cycling and mountain biking. Actually, there are differences between the two that arose from the specific requirements of each.  Hydration packs destined for use in road cycling are more compact and flat in design, but stable on your back so that it creates as little wind resistance as possible.  The ones that are designed for mountain biking don't have such strict requirements with the resistance, so they are usually a bit bulkier allowing room for some extra gear or tools.
  • Bike pannier bags are designed to be attached to your bike frame. Panniers are an indispensable part of the adventure and touring cyclists and are unmatched in size and utility. Most of them are designed to be completely rainproof. Another great use for these bags is for local commuting - think grocery runs and cycling to work, since they offer ample space and some even can be locked for additional security
  • Saddle bags are the smallest bike bags in capacity, designed to fit the bare necessities you need on the road or trail such are bike tire tools, CO2 cartridges, and a couple of power bars. Saddlebags stay out of the way and don’t add much weight to the bicycle. They are preferred by road cyclists since they don’t impact the overall aerodynamics of the bicycle as much as other types of bike bags.
  • Bike covers protect bikes from the elements. It is extremely useful if you are forced to keep your bicycle in the open or covered areas, but also when transporting your bicycle. In that case, you would want to opt for a waterproof one. It will protect the bike if being transported on the car rack and it will keep your car safe if you place it inside.
  • Bike baskets are a good option for carrying a few things on your city bike. It Is not the most stable way to carry a bigger load, but it sure is helpful and romantic. There are different types of baskets including more traditional front bike baskets for the handlebars, as well as foldable baskets, back baskets, and dog baskets.

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