Unisex baselayer will make sure you're comfortable and protected on your next ride. Unisex baselayer is made of high-quality materials that are soft, breathable, and lightweight. It keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Plus, it wicks away sweat so you can stay dry and focused on the road ahead.

Baselayer, better listen to your mom

Remember how our moms chased us to wear baselayer even in the middle of the summer, at least mine used to do it. She did it intuitively and because her mom taught her so, but it turns out, there was a lot of knowledge in it. Nowadays baselayer underwear is mostly made from a polyester/spandex blend or Merino wool which have two extremely desirable and useful qualities - they provide a lightweight feel and help regulate body temperature. Merino wool is also excellent at neutralizing body odor. Baselayer offers a number of benefits:
  • Wicks away moisture from the skin
  • Keeps you dry and comfortable, even in very humid environments
  • Maintains body temperature by regulating heat loss through evaporation
  • Delivers an athletic fit without constrictive seams or binding elastic waistbands
These traits made these garments very popular in cycling as well as in many sports. Baselayers for cycling come in different weights and styles depending on the weather conditions where you ride. If it is a cold day, you may want to use a thicker baselayer that provides insulation from the cold air but still breathes well, so that excess moisture can escape from your body as you sweat while riding. The result? Your body stays dryer, warmer, and more comfortable—even when temperatures drop below freezing or if you're riding through snow or rain. Irrelevant of the type of cycling you do, whether you hit the road, climb the mountain trails or you criss-cross the city on your daily commute, you will appreciate wearing a baselayer. You should be mindful of the seams, which better be flat so that they would not create any chafing and that the baselayer can be worn comfortably as second skin - as intended.

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