Cycling Bib Shorts

Cycling bib shorts are all about comfort. Cycling bib shorts of today come with integrated suspenders and are designed using Lycra or mesh to be lightweight, breathable, and easy on your shoulders. There’s no waistband, and the chamois or seat pad stays in place. Have a look at our offer and find a model that suits you best!

Bib shorts for ultimate comfort and better performance

Cycling bib shorts, and cycling shorts in general, are probably the most important and the first piece of cycling clothing that comes to mind. And for a good reason. The biggest contact point between the rider and the bicycle is made over the bike saddle and the shorts. So, cycling shorts directly impacts the comfort of the cyclist and indirectly their whole performance.

The most important part of any cycling short is the chamois or seat pad.  The seat pad is the part that is different in women’s and men’s cycling shorts. Women have anatomically wider seat bones, therefore, women’s bib shorts will have wider seat pads.

Cycling bib shorts are designed and constructed from materials that are skin-friendly, thin, and tight, yet they are comfortable and move with the body. Like with all the other cycling clothing, moisture-wicking and fast-drying qualities are imperative.

Seams are brought down to a bare minimum and they are flatlock so that they don’t cause any pressure points or chafing.

Cycling shorts have a deeper rear side so that they wouldn’t be falling off when you’re stretched out on your bike.

Bib shorts overcome that problem with even more dedication. They come with straps attached which keep the shorts in the proper place no matter what type of cycling you do. Straps are usually stretchy enough so that bathroom visits are made simple, without taking the straps off.

Furthermore, the fact that they don’t have any waistbands contributes to enhanced comfort.

There are some more usual extras like: reflectors for better visibility, and silicone leg grippers that create a snug fit at the thigh without restricting movement.

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