Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses are specially designed to accommodate the specific needs of cyclists. When you're cycling, you want to make sure that you've got the best protection for your eyes from reflections and any loose debris. They are designed with a variety of features to ensure you can see clearly and safely on the road. We search the net for the best deals on cycling sunglasses and goggles.

Cycling sunglasses and goggles- keep your vision clear

Cycling sunglasses and goggles need to be specially designed to be able to answer cyclists' specific needs. That is why style is not neglected, but certainly not of key importance when it comes to cycling sunglasses. They are more about functionality and fit and safety ultimately. No matter what the conditions are outside or how intense your workout is, your eyes must stay safe from any damage.

  • Vision field should be as wide as possible, and that is why most cycling sunglasses are made with thin, bottomless frames. In combination with lenses made of polymers that don’t break when twisted during falls, is a bonus safety feature.
  • The fit needs to be firm but comfortable, so that you are not mindful of them during the ride in an annoying way and that they can help ward off sweat running into your eyes, cause they surely will be streaming down your head and face.

Let’s take a look at some more desirable traits of lenses of good cycling sunglasses and goggles:

  • Preferably they should feature polarized lenses. These lenses will help protect your eyes from UV radiation, providing 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. It also prevents the sun from blinding you as you ride, since they reduce glare from the sun's reflection on car windshields and road surfaces.
  • The lenses feature a hydrophobic coating, which repels water and prevents it from building up on the lens surface when you're out in the rain or snow. This helps to keep your vision clear and crisp even when water droplets are getting in your face during a ride.
  • In addition to being scratch-resistant, these glasses also have an anti-reflective layer built into them so that light doesn't bounce off of them and shine directly into your face. This means that no matter how bright it is outside or how dark it gets at night while riding, you'll always be able to see clearly through these glasses without needing to squint or look away from whatever it is that caught your eye while cycling!

Whether you're cycling in the morning or afternoon, hitting the road or mountain trails, you should always be looking for the best protection. We've got it right here!

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