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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the voting system used for?

Not all deals are created equal, so if you see a deal on our website that seems that is priced lower than you’ve seen elsewhere please give it a thumb up. If you think that the price isn’t the lowest you have seen, you can vote it down. Deals that receive the most thumbs up votes will make it to the front page and will be seen by more people. Please remember you’re not rating the product itself (quality of it, etc.), but how good the deal seems to you. Not everyone likes all the products, but we all like a good deal.


I clicked on “Visit Deal” and the price was higher that on your website?

That simply means that the deal is no longer available. Online stores change prices all the time, and our website takes some time to catch up with the products that are not offered at the discount any more. That’s why when you see a good price on a product keep in mind that the store might be running a limited time promotion and that the price might change next week, sometimes even the next day.


How can I be sure that what I’m posting is a good deal?

When you see a product offered online always check the original price. If the current price is lower than the original price, it is most likely a good deal, so go ahead and post it. Our voting system is there to put really good deals on the top of the page, so the other users will rate yours too and soon enough you will know how good is the deal you posted. Keep in mind that our moderators will remove the deals with bad links, incorrect posts or deals with inappropriate language.


Can I post a deal even though I am a representative of an online retailer?

Yes, as long you have a good deal on a bicycle or cycle gear. Retailers are limited to posting 5 deals a month, so please post the best ones. Our moderators keep the right to remove any deal that was spammed or repeated and/or ban the user from our website if repetitive offenses occur.


I browsed online and I found a better deal than it was posted on your website?

If this happens, we hope you will post it on our website too. We’re sure it will be upvoted fast.


Who can post a deal at Velodels.com?

Anyone who is 18 years or older and find a great deal on bicycle gear or parts online. Posts must be made in English and they can’t be used for any illegal activity. Also, posts with affiliate links will be flagged and removed. Velodeals.com reserves the right to remove any link that is deemed inappropriate.


I’m not sure what category the product belongs, where should I post it?

Just post it in the category that seems that is the most logical choice for the product, if it is clearly in the wrong category our moderators will move it to the right one. Please don’t post the deals in multiple categories, as they might be deleted for spamming.