Cycling Socks for Women

Cycling socks for women are especially designed socks to work in tandem with cycling shoes. So, they need to be thinner, form-hugging socks to keep the foot in unique, stable position. This insures they can give back greater tactile feedback, improving the power transfer as a result. Take a look at our selection!

Cycling socks for light feet

Cycling socks for women are an important part of cycling clothing, working in pair with women’s cycling shoes. They can get overlooked until they are tried out and then they prove themselves irreplaceable. Because, cycling socks for women can be very stylish and decorative, but their worth goes far beyond. They are designed to be seamless, tight-fitting, made from moisture-wicking materials, ensuring comfort for feet during any ride and in different weather conditions:
  • In the summer time you would chose the low cut or short calf length styles in breathable lightweight fabrics. They usually come with open mesh zones that allow for more breathability and evaporation is quicker, which guarantees to keep your feet fresh and cool.
  • In the winter time, on the other hand, you will need thermal knee-length socks to keep your feet and legs warm. Merino wool is the best natural material of choice for the job as the fibers naturally trap a small amount of air which is a great insulator.

Cycling socks – cycling shoes combo

The right choice of cycling socks for women for the specific women’s cycling shoes is of key importance. Only in the right combination will you start not to notice your feet on your ride, which will be the good sign. Cycling socks for women for road cycling need to be tight-fitting, with no seams to avoid creating pressure points. Height is usually mid to knee-high, but this is personal preference. For winter months it is best to use shoes covers, since thermal socks would be too thick for the snug fit of the road bike shoes. For mountain bike cycling, cycling socks for women need to have a protective function other than moisture-wicking. For that reason, they should be mid-calf length at least and they can be equipped with special cushioning strategically positioned on the shins and around ankles. Ultralight, seamless, yet cushioned cycling socks for women are the pair for shoes for BMX cycling, because you need to maintain good contact with the shoe while avoiding chafing and pressure points.

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