Protectors are recommended all kinds of cycling. They are mostly worn by mountain bikers and other riders who are more likely to crash, like downhill, BMX and others. Nevertheless, safety should be first on everyone’s minds though, regardless of what kind of bike you ride or how much fun it may be. Protectors will keep you safe from serious injuries, no matter how hard you fall.

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Protectors, better be safe than sorry

Riding your bike is a great way to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors. But, you need to be prepared for occasional crashes and falls. Obviously, this will be more of a case with more extreme cycling like mountain biking or BMX. But, any off road cycling increases the chances of slipping and falling, where the surface is loose gravel and dirt. So, while cycling on your cyclocross or gravel bike as well, it is advisable to wear some protective gear. Protectors for cycling will provide protection from the impact or scratches and allow you to enjoy your ride without having to worry about your safety. Most vulnerable are the joints, especially knees. Knees take on most of the burden from cycling to start with. So, there are certain characteristics that knee protectors should have, like:
  • Front needs to be made of hardshell
  • Yet flexible and lightweight to move with the body
  • The materials need to be breathable, so that they are comfortable to wear for longer stretches of time
  • They should be washable and reusable
  • Compact and thin so that they can easily be taken along in a biking bag or a jersey or jacket pocket
  • They need to be ergonomically designed, further enhancing the comfort
Other than knees, one should think about the protectors for other joints like elbows and wrists. Equally import are soft protectors for shins, biceps, elbows, hips -  which stiffens at an impact. Some of these can come built in into the clothing, like cycling shorts, so they are truly easy to wear. Talking about safety, we have a great selection of deals on cycling goggles and glasses, that you can browse through. When cycling on loose surface, like gravel and mountain trails it is expected to have all kinds of debris flying into your eyes.

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